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DQ initiative in India started when a passionate educator found out about DQ Institute’s work and quickly resonated with it. Alexander Johnson, a technology integrator and a teacher at Oberoi International School India, reached out to DQ and offered to be part of the movement.

In no time, Alexander got his students to sign up on the DQ World programme, at the same time helped to get India included in the DQ Global Impact Study. Alexander’s students enjoyed learning on the DQ platform and thanks to Alexander, DQ has potentially made a positive impact on close to 100 children.

At the governmental level, DQ Institute had an initial discussion with the State of Rajasthan to collaborate with public and private sectors to promote DQ programme nation-wide and raise the national DQ levels in 3 years. There had also been a discussion with the Indian government to connect DQ system with the national counselling programme or law enforcement as an intervention programme for children at high cyber risks.

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From Our Partner
Alexander Johnson
Technology Integrator at Oberoi International School in Mumbai, India
“In my capacity, I am always on the lookout for the best way to teach the students digital citizenship. And Just this year, switching over to DQ World has made my job incredibly easy, because the students love the platform. They learn what they need to learn, and they are excited to continue doing it.”