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In 2017, the DQ Institute collaborated with the Centre for Research, Advisory and Technology (CREATE) to spread the #DQEveryChild movement in Malaysia. With limited time to take part in the 2017 DQ World programme, Ng Yeen Seen of CREATE worked to offer schools and educators the opportunity to take part in the 2017 DQ Study and get a head start in understanding their students’ current exposure to cyber-risks and levels of digital intelligence. In turn, this knowledge can aid their pedagogical approaches to their children’s digital citizenship skills.

Through their outreach efforts, nearly 800 students were introduced to the DQ learning framework, with 663 8-12 year old students included in the analysis for the 2017 DQ Study. Schools that got over 100 student respondents will receive a DQ Screen Time Report which will give insight on how they can improve as a school, setting a starting point for the implementation of the DQ World programme in 2018.

In this digital age, digital intelligence quotient or DQ, is the new key word
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