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In February 2017, the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) and Vietnet-ICT co-hosted the Symposium on Digital Citizenship and Safer Internet Day: bringing together national and international officials and experts in conversation about digital citizenship and digital literacy education. DQ Institute’s Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director, Davis Vu, joined the conversation and spoke about the importance of starting digital citizenship education in children through their primary schools.

The DQ Institute also worked in collaboration with the Center for Education Development (CED) to spread the #DQEveryChild movement in Vietnam. Through their network of schools, CED was able to work with primary schools in Vietnam to conduct pilots of the DQ World programme to teach children digital intelligence skills.

The pilot programme was largely successful at Thuc Nghiem School, with almost 800 student registrations with a near 100% login rate. In addition, in the 2017 DQ World Global Challenge, the school recorded 333,912 DQ Scores to become the Top DQ School in the world, with more than 100,000 recorded scores between it and the runner-up.

In addition, CED and Junior Achievement Vietnam worked to offer schools the opportunity to prepare for the 2018 DQ World programme by taking part in the 2017 DQ Study in order to understand their students’ digital use habits and cyber-risk exposure. Through their efforts, 817 8-12 year old Vietnamese children were included in the multinational study. Thereafter, schools may use this knowledge to build and develop their own pedagogies for digital citizenship education to complement the DQ World programme.

All schools that participated in the study with over 100 completing students aged 8-12 will receive a DQ Screen Time Report, which will give insight on how they can improve their existing digital citizenship programmes.

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From Our Partner
To Kim Lien
Director of Center for Education Development
“Adults in Vietnam rarely have access to any kind of training and guidance on how to use the internet safely, let alone their children. On top of Digital Literacy skills, the DQ Programme provides other skills that Vietnamese curriculum are lacking such as critical thinking, empathy, and responsibility.”