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Simply sign up for your students or child at and they will take it from there!

For Educators provides a safe environment for children to engage in learning activities on their own, without close supervision from parents or teachers.
Since it is designed as a self-learning online program, you can assign it as “homework”, and reinforce it in the classroom using a workbook and Teachers’ Guide. It is also easy to implement it as a school-wide program.
Depending on your needs and preference, you can utilize it at any level.
  1. Create an account for your students at
  2. Assign it to them as homework. They will go home, log in and learn online.
  1. Get professionally trained in the DQ Curriculum.
  2. Run the program in class once a week for 8 weeks. Get the Student Workbook for each student, and use the Teachers Guide as your reference. Collect the worksheet weekly.
  3. After each class session, assign the students their homework – to log on to at home and learn online.
  1. Start your journey on becoming a DQ School!
  2. Have your school subscribe to the online program, so you can generate a personalized DQ Report for each student, and subscribe to DQ Workbooks for your student, and DQ Educators Training for teachers. 
  3. Launch DQ in your school with a DQ School Assembly Programme.
DQ Implementation Guide for Educators

This guide explains how to implement the program in your class. It includes reproducible worksheets and sample letters to parents.

Teacher’s Guide

The teachers’ guide will provide the full details of the DQ curriculum and how you can utilize the DQ program in your class.

Students’ Workbook

The Students’ Workbook supplements the online program. This fun-filled activity workbook guides students to further explore the learning points covered in the online program.

DQ School Report

The DQ School Report will enable you to understand gaps and take action towards strengthening the DQ of your students.

Online platform at
Student Workbook
Personalized DQ Report

Bring DQ to your school and revolutionize digital intelligence education!

Join us and turn the tables on the conventional model of cyber wellness or media literacy! Say NO to the high-cost, low-effectiveness and labour-intensive program where digital literacy or cyber wellness trainers have to visit individual schools one by one. It is slow, painfully old-school and plainly ineffective.

Say YES to Digital Intelligence Education, delivered the Digital way! DQ delivers personalized digital education directly to the individual student, within an online Play & Learn environment. With a personalized DQ Report for every child, it provides a complete feedback loop for all stakeholders – student, parent and educator.

Conventional Model

E.g. Cyber Wellness/Media Literacy

High Cost & Low Effectiveness

1. One time school visit training by a few trainers with expertise.
2. Can’t guarantee the quality of education depending on trainers

Our System-Changing Model

30 Mins/Day  |  2 Days/Week for 8 Weeks

Any Country, any Teacher, any Parent can access high-quality Digital Intelligence education for FREE!

For Ambassadors

Become a Certified
DQ Ambassador

And be part of a movement to ensure no child is left vulnerable in our hyper connected digital world.
Our ambition is to empower 20 million children by 2020.
So lets get started!
We are seeking education and or digital literacy companies/not-for-profits worldwide to act as certified Ambassadors to represent DQ to introduce and aid implementation of DQ World into schools in their local market.
To express your interest, please complete the DQ™ Ambassador Application. DQ™ Ambassadors will be appointed by the DQ™ Committee. To apply, click HERE.

For Parents is designed as a self-learning online program and provides a safe environment for your child to engage in learning activities on their own, without constant close supervision from parents or caregivers.

You can sign up for your child and let him/her log in to at designated times (for example, once a day or once a week).

You are encouraged to talk to your child about the lessons he/she learns online. You can also reinforce the principles learned by using the Students’ Workbook, which is a fun-filled activity workbook.


If you home-school your child, DQ provides a systematic and safe way for your child to acquire knowledge and skills about digital intelligence, grounded in sound values.

Just because your child is a home-schooler doesn’t mean he/she can’t get world-class quality digital education!


Online platform at
Student Workbook

For Corporate Partners

We welcome potential corporate partners to get in touch with us.
The DQ is an excellent opportunity to associate your brand with a global cause that profoundly affects the future in myriad ways.
Sponsor DQ Access Passes for children to Digital Leader for schools in your city or nation!
Contact us at for global branding opportunities on DQ.

For Policy-Makers

Often, policy-makers instinctively grasp how DQ can meet needs in their community and level the playing field in the area of digital intelligence education.

We typically encourage interested policy-makers to start by running a pilot program to prove the effectiveness of DQ in your city or nation. A pilot program allows for testing and improvements before rolling out the program on a larger scale.

The pilot program can be implemented at a school level or in multiple schools at a district or state level. Your goal is to create an eco-system that enables timely intervention within families, in schools and through family counsellors. Here’s how you can begin:

1. Start by gathering stakeholders or partners – educators, family counsellors, corporate partners – who are concerned and passionate about:

  • Increasing public knowledge of cyber-risks
  • Encouraging children and teens to use digital media responsibly
  • Equipping children and teens with strong values
  • Fostering healthy family communication about digital media between children and their parents
  • Empowering the young to be a positive force for cultural change online.

2. Share the vision and benefits of DQ

3. Recruit a school or multiple schools to be part of the pilot program.

4. Have the teachers register themselves and their students (for children aged 9-12) on