Why DQ?

Evidence-based education & assessment of digital intelligence

Children love it!

With just 30 minutes a day, any child can freely, easily self-learn.

DQworld.net is a play & learn online platform built on a sound curriculum. It provides a safe online learning environment for children to self-learn the skills of digital intelligence. Children progress in their learning through gamification incentives.

An early version of DQworld.net has been tried and tested on more than 90,000 school children in Singapore and South Korea, and it has been highly rated by our most important audience and harshest critics – the children themselves.

Any young child can self-learn DQ in a fun way through an online / mobile learning platform.

We live in a hyper-connected world.

The digital space has become a primary place where children play, learn and interact with others.
Consider these facts:
  • Technology affects kids’ development: Children use digital technologies and media at an increasingly younger age, and this affects their social, emotional and cognitive development.
  • Kids are facing risks online: Children are exposed to many online risks, including cyberbullying, technology addiction, grooming – without proper regulation policies.
  • Children urgently need digital competencies: Considering the many opportunities emerging in the digital-oriented socio-economic system, there are urgent calls for children to learn digital competencies for their future career potential.
  • Adults and kids don’t get each other 2.0: Due to the technological generation gap, teachers and parents are not fully equipped to protect and educate children, and this is especially true for socially and economically disadvantaged children.
  • Lack of educational resources and assessment tools: Globally, there is a dearth of education resources and assessment tools to teach and measure children’s digital readiness and competencies.

Based on Robust Research

Backed by researchers from Stanford University, Nanyang Technological University and more

The DQ Project is developed by high-level academic research in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

The DQ profile metrics has been developed through big data research across multiple nations using a cross-disciplinary approach. So DQ is not only a gamified Play and Learn platform based on curriculum-based pedagogy – it is powered by big data on the backend.

Backed by robust global research

Finally, a way to bridge the tech generational gap.

DQ opens the door to conversations about the use of digital technology, providing parents and educators the tools they need, in the language that children understand. More than that, it provides parents and educators useful handles for guiding children in the quest for digital intelligence.