How should parents handle their children’s extended screen time with home-based learning? Why did Facebook (now Meta) have to stop developing the children’s version for Instagram? What digital skills do companies want their employees to have? How does a government develop a digital skills education for life-long learning? Is the China’s gaming ban a right decision for children?

The new book “IQ, EQ, DQ: New Intelligence in the AI Age” published by Dr Yuhyun Park, a world-renown expert on digital skills and digital safety, discusses these most pressing questions.

As the creator of Digital Intelligence (DQ) which is now the global standard for digital literacy and digital skills, Dr Park touches on a broad range of topics in the intersection between technology, ethics, and education: from the most pressing concerns of parents, child online safety, to the ethics of technology companies and to the role of government on digital skilling of citizens.

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Dr Park writes as if she is holding a conversation among friends. The book takes you to her past decade on how she started her work from being an advocate of child online protection and tech regulation; she shows how that journey evolved into setting the global standards for digital skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this book even more relevant as cyber risks and digital skills issues have become critical as the world catapults towards making online presence a daily challenge.

Based on her extensive research and experience, she discusses how and why DQ serves as the new intelligence for us to thrive in this digital age with AI, metaverse, and more. She shares her views on why it is critical to empower children with DQ to become independent thinkers who can mitigate and even translate cyber-risks into new opportunities using technology. This trumps sheer restriction and/or regulation of technology, which while important, are not enough.

As Bill Drayton, the founder of Ashoka, Innovators for the Public, who coined the term ‘social entrepreneur’ and ‘changemaker’ said, “Yuhyun Park is one of the world’s most successful social entrepreneurs. Her success reflects her deep understanding of the digital revolution and the urgency of humans guiding it for good and not becoming its dependent pawns. In this book, she shares that understanding with rare clarity – a gift.”