Is Your Child Ready for the Digital Future?
Empower Every Child with 8 Digital Citizenship Skills
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Digital Intelligence (DQ)

is the sum of social, emotional, and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to
face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life.

We’re creating a movement
A global movement to empower every child with digital intelligence. Our children need DQ beyond IQ and EQ to thrive in the 4th industrial revolution. We aim to set a global standard of digital citizenship for all children around the world.

#DQEveryChild in Action

Press Release
October 02 ,2017
Dr. Park is interviewed by E-Today Korea and explained the future of DQ World
Press Release
September 22 ,2017
Singapore and Australia First to Launch DQ Institute Cyber-risk Reporting System for Children
Press Release
August 22 ,2017
NYT Thomas Friedman and Dr Yuhyun Park together emphasized the importance of digital ethics
International Presence
August 22 ,2017
Argentina government’s “Internet for All” recognizes the new Internet users must have DQ
Press Release
August 22 ,2017
Fake News: BBC interviews Dr Yuhyun Park, Davos, 2017
International Presence
August 22 ,2017
Switzerland explores DQ’s 8 core skills
August 22 ,2017
#DQEveryChild, global movement kick-off at the Global Teachers Prize, Dubai
August 22 ,2017
The Spanish-language site is now online! ¡Listos para empezar


Our DQ Coalition

#DQEveryChild can only be realized with the invaluable support from future-oriented and community-spirited partners.

DQ Coalition is a public-private-civic-academic coalition that aims to bring quality digital intelligence education to every child. Together, we aspire to build healthy, robust and digital cultures that harness and maximize positive outcomes of digital media and technology while preventing and mitigating unintended consequences.

Through such multi-stakeholder collaborations, we provide evidence-based solutions and data-driven policy recommendations to nations to ensure every child on the Internet can get a quality digital citizenship education in a safe and secure digital ecosystem.