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DQ World’s online education programme has improved children’s DQ score, on average, from 93 to 106 – a 14% increase*.
Moreover, it has proven to minimise the impact on children’s risky behaviours online, and MAXIMISE their personal strengths. DQ™, our children’s most critical life skill.

*Tested and Proven: The DQ™ programme and assessment is based on big data and developed by researchers from distinguished institutions such as Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, and proven through a pilot study in Singapore. Based on the evidence of this study, the World Economic Forum has identified DQ™ as a global standard for digital citizenship, and are our partner in publishing the Global DQ™ Index Report.

A Global Movement for Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence (DQ) is the sum of social, emotional, and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life.
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Outstanding work in promoting digital citizenship!

Ms Irina Bokov, UNESCO Director- General

An integrated multimedia play & learn experience.

The LEGO Foundation

Proven to be scientifically effective

National Institute of Education, Singapore

In association with the DQ Institute, the World Economic Forum will explore the integration of a Global DQ Index.

World Economic Forum
“Outstanding work in promoting digital citizenship!”

Ms Irina Bokova
UNESCO Director- General

“An integrated multimedia play & learn experience.”

The LEGO Foundation

“Proven to be scientifically effective.”

National Institute of Education, Singapore