Who’s advancing Digital Intelligence?

#DQforALL is a call to action for the world to empower 1 billion citizens with digital intelligence by 2030.

We are a network of networks; networks of funders, program providers, and educators across sectors that help achieve the common goal of closing the digital skills gap. While connecting individual programs via the DQ Global Standards, we commit to track our global progress in achieving the goal by measuring our collective impact through the DQ Index backed by a global databank and collaborative R&D.


The following are programs that are empowering citizens with digital intelligence:

  • Global
  • Regional
  • National


We welcome all organizations who empower the growth of digital intelligent citizens.
How Collaboration Benefits You

You will be part of a network of stakeholders in the digital intelligence ecosystem.

Gaining access to the monitoring, tracking, and visualization of the overall global progress in DQ development, including KPIs on closing the digital skills gap.

Having opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders across sectors in the digital intelligence ecosystem by leveraging each other’s strengths, with enhanced visibility of your program.

Visibility on our DQ Ambassador’s page as an officially registered partner of the movement.

Program endorsement, through the DQ Seal, proving your alignment with the DQ Global Standards. This seal can be used by your organization and/or program on your communication assets.

An objective evaluation of your programs’ strengths and areas for improvement which will enable your program to reach new heights.

Impact measurement of your program, based-on indicators and metrics born out of the DQ Index to back-up your impact claims.

Full co-creation of a tailored program with the DQ Institute, leveraging on all of its expertise, tools, and available content.

Customized impact measure and tracking that helps you understand the true impact that your movement and investment are generating in your chosen target nations and/or groups.

Opportunities to highlight the best practices and impact of your program through features in DQ Institute reports and other communication assets.

Read more about the #DQforALL introduction and #DQforALL Charter, which describes our shared vision, belief, and codes of collaboration. If you share the same mission, you can join us based on the three tiers of commitment and benefits.

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