Is Your Child Ready for the Digital Future?

Empower Every Child with 8 Digital Citizenship Skills

Outsmart the Cyber-Pandemic

Empower Every Child with Digital Intelligence by 2020

Why #DQEveryChild

How to overcome the
cyber-pandemic among children?

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Why #DQEveryChild

Forget IQ. Digital Intelligence
Will Be What Matters In The Future

Why #DQEveryChild

Helping young people
safely navigate the digital world

We’re Creating a Movement.
#DQEveryChild is a global movement to empower every child with digital intelligence.
We aim to set a global standard of digital citizenship for all children around the world.

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The Impact.
In 2017, the #DQEveryChild movement spearheaded by the DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum superseded all expectations and continues to make impact around the world.

30 Countries
15 Languages
600,000 Children
100 Organizations

For Educators.
Want to make positive impact on your students? Our research-based, award-winning DQ World e-learning programme offers high quality digital citizenship education for children ages 8-12. Student-centred learning and automated assessment makes implementation simple for any school. Best of all, DQ learning is FREE for every child.

For Parents.
Is my child addicted to apps? Can my kids protect their privacy online? At what age should they own their first smartphone? Our practical parent resources help you answer these questions and develop healthy and responsible digital use habits for your family. Take the first step by finding out your digital parenting style.

For Organizations.
Want to make a positive impact on your nation? Apply to become a certified DQ Ambassador. Not only will you learn how to empower children in your community with digital citizenship education, but also join a growing coalition of like-minded partners who are passionate about bringing DQ to every child.

#DQEveryChild in Action

Press Release
February 07 ,2018
Forget IQ. Digital intelligence will be what matters in the future
Press Release
January 03 ,2018
Korean Newspaper E-today highlights the importance of using DQ World programme for Korean children
Press Release
October 19 ,2017
Dr. Park is interviewed by E-Today Korea and explained the future of DQ World
Press Release
September 22 ,2017
Singapore and Australia First to Launch DQ Institute Cyber-risk Reporting System for Children
Press Release
August 22 ,2017
NYT Thomas Friedman and Dr Yuhyun Park together emphasized the importance of digital ethics
International Presence
August 22 ,2017
Argentina government’s “Internet for All” recognizes the new Internet users must have DQ
Press Release
August 22 ,2017
Fake News: BBC interviews Dr Yuhyun Park, Davos, 2017
International Presence
August 22 ,2017
Switzerland explores DQ’s 8 core skills


Our DQ Coalition

#DQEveryChild can only be realized with the invaluable support from future-oriented and community-spirited partners.

The DQ Institute is a public-private-civic-academic coalition in association with the World Economic Forum that aims to bring quality digital intelligence education to every child. The coalition provides evidence-based solutions and data-driven policy recommendations to help individual nations build ethical digital ecosystems through multi-stakeholder collaboration.