Late 2017, the DQ Institute worked with Grupo Edutec to expand the #DQEveryChild movement in Ecuadorian schools. With limited time to take part in the 2017 DQ World Programme, Lucia Acurio and her team at Grupo Edutec worked to offer schools the opportunity to participate in the DQ Screen Time Study instead. The Study provides these schools with the necessary foundations for shaping their pedagogical approaches to digital citizenship education by first giving schools a preliminary review of their students’ current exposure to cyber-risks and their digital use habits.

Through their initiatives, more than 1,300 students were brought into the #DQEveryChild movement. Schools that had over 100 respondents will receive a DQ Screen Time Report, setting the groundwork for further collaborations with the Institute in 2018 for a wider implementation of the DQ World programme across Ecuador.


From Our Partner

Lucía Acurio

Former Regional Director at Grupo Edutec

“In Ecuador, we really see the need that children have today, to work in a safe way when connected to the Internet, you know, so we can see that digital citizenship is a skill that the children must develop, because they’re exposed to all these risks and we haven’t been training them to really manage their lives better with these risks that come with the digital world.”