Observing the need for digital citizenship skills among Nigerian children, Charity Babatunde, the founder of RAVE Et Al – a social enterprise dedicated to equipping children for their future – reached out to the DQ Institute to champion the #DQEveryChild global movement in Nigeria.

She and her team applied the DQ educational framework to structure a variety of local initiatives like educator workshops to promote proactive parenting and empowering children with digital skills and values.

Through their connections to educators and schools in Nigeria, RAVE was able to reach over 2,000 students across nearly 30 schools and organisations and introduce them to the DQ World learning platform. Of those students, 1,626 were 8-12 year olds who were included in the analysis for the 2017 DQ Study.

The Study provides these schools with the necessary foundation from which to shape their pedagogical approaches to digital citizenship education by giving schools a preliminary understanding of their students’ exposure to cyber-risks and digital use habits.

Schools that got over 100 student respondents have received a free DQ Screen Time report which will give insight on how they can improve as a school, in turn setting a starting point for the implementation of the DQ World programme in 2018.

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From Our Partner

Ms Charity Babatunde

Founder of Rave Et Al Limited, Nigeria

“The values that we are taught in digital citizenship start from being a good Nigerian citizen. Good means that you are honest, empathetic towards people, responsible and respectful. So when I came across the DQ institute and the #DQEveryChild movement, I knew it was a perfect fit. I am very excited about empowering children with the skills they need for the digital world, and ensuring everybody realizes that digital citizenship is a necessity.”