In 2017, with help of our Chinese ambassador, Mr Wang Ruijun, Former Director-General of the National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation, China, DQ Institute was able to bring #DQEveryChild movement to the most populous country in the world for the first time. An advocate of digital citizenship education, Ruijun gladly reached out to a school in his sphere of influence in Beijing and offered it the opportunity to participate in 2017 DQ Screen Time Study. This Study gives the school a preliminary review of their students’ exposure to cyber risks and digital use habits, in addition to setting the groundwork for further collaborations with DQ Institute in 2018 for an implementation of the DQ World programme in China.

DQ movement was also made possible in China through the network of our Outreach (Schools) and Marketing Manager, Ms Ruth Jin. Reaching out to her contacts, she managed to get 3 other neighbourhood schools in Fujian and Liaoning provinces to join the DQ Screen Time Study. Although lacking in basic infrastructure and internet connectivity, these schools printed out the survey and administer it offline to the students. The contacts of Ms Jin in China even volunteered to enter the data online from the filled out hardcopies of the Study.

Thanks to these people, more than 400 students were reached and brought into the DQ movement of empowering children with digital citizenship skills.

54% of Singaporean children exposed to at least 1 cyber risk: Study

SINGAPORE: A new study released on Tuesday (Feb 6) showed that 54 per cent of Singapore children aged between eight and 12 are exposed to at least one cyber-risk, which includes cyberbullying, video game addiction, offline meetings and online sexual behaviour. READ MORE

Singtel and DQ Institute to introduce digital intelligence programme…

Singtel and the DQ Institute are collaborating to nurture digital intelligence among children by engaging primary schools in Singapore. Called #DQEveryChild, this programme is aimed at helping children use digital technology… READ MORE

Safer Internet Day. Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you

Today is Safer Internet Day. Singtel and Optus are again supporting this important global initiative because of our mission to create empowered and responsible digital citizens who thrive in today’s world of technology. This year’s theme is ‘create, connect and share respect: A better internet… READ MORE

Children here spend more time online than global average: Poll

Children in Singapore spend more time online compared with those in other countries, a new study has found, as they are glued to their screens for 35 hours a week – three hours more than the global average. READ MORE

Parents must ensure Internet wellness in kids

Children who own a mobile phone are more susceptible to such online vulnerabilities, the study revealed. They spend 15 more hours a week online than children who do not own a mobile phone, and 70 per cent of them are exposed to cyber risk, compared with 45 per cent in the latter group. READ MORE

Beware! Children aged between 8-12 are more prone to cyber threats

A new study conducted by World Economic Forum has revealed that children aged between 8-12 are more prone to cyber threats like online bullying and video game addiction. As per the study, children who live in emerging economies like South Africa are comparatively more vulnerable to… READ MORE

7月特别福利讲座:如何提高DQ – 数码智商

DQ(数码智商)是个人对数字媒体工具的自我掌控能力。大多数的家长与学校都非常关注数码创造能力(Digital Creativity)和数码创业能力(Digital Enterprise),然而,当我们热心预备孩子的光明前途时却忽略了一个最基本的DQ,就是教导孩子怎么在线上与线下都做好公民的能力… READ MORE


When a five-year-old boy hurled his mother’s smartphone across the room and smashed the device, it was the last straw for his parents. READ MORE

New guide launched to help parents manage their children’s online habits

SINGAPORE – Parents looking to bridge the digital divide with their young children and get concrete tips on managing their kids’ time spent online now have additional resources to do so, as Singapore marks Safer Internet Day on Tuesday (Feb 6). READ MORE

A better Internet for a better world

Kids these days are quick to catch on to new media trends and technologies – sometimes even faster than their parents and other elders. READ MORE

Should we let our kids have smartphones?

It’s Sunday afternoon at the Suntec City Starbucks. The two boys, no older than 12, are sitting side by side in a dim corner booth. They do not talk. They do not look at each other. Despite finishing a large sugary frappucino between them, the boys are completely motionless. Each is lost in his own iPhone, their faces made ghostly by the screen’s pale light. READ MORE

Parents fall for Ikea’s April Fool prank

Ikea, that huge place where chicken wings and hot dogs are sold alongside furniture, pulled a prank so well that few saw through it. At 10.55am last Friday, the Singapore office of the Swedish furniture giant posted on Facebook its plan to transform Smaland – its children’s playground… READ MORE

Child rape story spurs her to be Web safety advocate

Senior research scientist Yuhyun Park was deeply affected after an eight-year-old girl was raped by a child pornography addict in South Korea several years ago.


Dr Park, who is from the country, said that as she read the story online, she became furious. Accompanying the story was an advertisement with a picture of a teenage girl in a compromising position. READ MORE

12-year-olds in Singapore spend 6½ hours daily on electronic devices: Survey

Most parents would notice and have a problem if they learnt their 12-year-old watches six hours of television a day. Yet, children are being allowed to spend that much time on electronic devices such as mobile phones and… READ MORE

When play is serious business

Find out why outdoor play is essential to the all-rounded development of children and for building greater resilience to challenges. Ferrying Junior to various enrichment classes, homework supervision and a litany of household chores… READ MORE

Effecting change through innovation

SOCIAL entrepreneurs, as defined by Ashoka’s vision, set out to change society by addressing issues in innovative ways in areas such as healthcare, environment and education. Thanks to the Ashoka Fellows network, a breed of social entrepreneurs is emerging who are demonstrating that business may well be one… READ MORE


Children will be able to measure their ability and command of digital media – helping to combat their exposure to dangers such as radicalization, fake news, online grooming and cyber-bullying – with a new online platform launched today at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) in Dubai. READ MORE

Cyber safety: Keeping kids safe online

CLEARLY cyber crime, cyber threats and cyber bullying are on the rise in Asia-Pacific and children in the region are not spared. Experts warn that the recent exponential growth of Internet and mobile penetration across Asia has increased the vulnerability of children to cyber threats… READ MORE

Parents can take steps to protect kids online

We should not take inaction as a sign of negligence, but rather, further evidence that the digital world is evolving so quickly that we can hardly cope. Previously, the first rule of cyber wellness parenting was to put the computer in a common area. READ MORE

Balance kids’ digital and physical realities

Some experts say that a “screen time limit” for children is no longer realistic in our hyper-connected world. But too much screen time has been linked to lower academic grades, as well as developmental issues, such as obesity, sleep disorders and attention problems. READ MORE

TOP DQ TEACHER for July 2018

Mdm Dianna, the ICT HOD SH of Rivervale Primary School, has been actively teaching students the 8 Digital Citizenship Skills with DQWorld.net since 2014. Under her guidance, Rivervale Primary School has consistently been one of the TOP DQ SCHOOLS each year… READ MORE


From Our Partner

Andrew Buay

Vice President of Singtel Group Corporate Social Responsibility, Singapore

“Technology helps to connect people but it also exposes them to online perils such as inappropriate content, gaming addiction and cyberbullying. This is becoming more prevalent with young children, hence, it is important to educate them early. Singtel believes in DQ education and its promotion of responsible digital citizenship.”


Mdm Nurdianna Malik

ICT SH of Rivervale Primary School

“DQ World is able to engage my students as it reaches out to them in a format that they love – mission-based gaming! My students are able to internalise cyber wellness concepts through DQ World’s interactive content”