DQ outreach in the UK was made possible largely through DQ’s partners – Varkey Foundation and WISE KIDS. Being charitable foundations focussed on improving the standards of education and internet use for children, respectively, Varkey and WISE KIDS reached out to schools within their networks and got them onboard the global movement of #DQEveryChild.

In addition to these two foundations, the Welsh government also helped pitch to its schools the opportunity to participate in the DQ Global Impact Study via their website. These initiatives by different public and private stakeholders helped bring the UK, with its 4 schools and over 200 students, into this global study and paved the path to DQ World implementation in UK.


From Our Partner

Vikas Pota

Chief Executive Officer of the Varkey Foundation, United Kingdom

“Just like you have IQ, you have EQ, and its time for DQ, It makes sense on every level when you think of the increasing proliferation of digital devices in our homes and our lives, and how we need to equip young children to respond to that. Not only does increasing a child’s DQ score reduce the risks associated with digital technology, but it also maximizes personal strengths such as higher empathy and global citizenship, and raises their academic performance and future opportunity.”