Mid-2017, the Institute collaborated with Jason Breed, founder of Digital Futures Initiative (DFi) to bring the #DQEveryChild movement to the United States. Over the summer, DFi worked to promote the DQ learning framework to educators and law enforcement officers within their instructor network and at conferences like the National Association of Resource Officer’s (NASRO) Conference in Washington D.C.

DFi also worked to pilot the 2017 DQ World platform at elementary schools in the U.S. Through their efforts of outreach, over 2,000 elementary school students were exposed to the DQ World platform and were able to use it to learn about key digital skills like cyber security and digital empathy.

Finally, the Institute and DFi offered schools the opportunity to understand their student’s current digital habits and exposure to cyber-risks through the 2017 DQ Study. Schools can use this knowledge to develop their own pedagogies with DFi for digital citizenship education to complement the DQ World programme.

Half of 8-12 Year-olds in the United States Are Exposed to Cyber-risks

Digital Futures Initiative (DFi) partner, The DQ Institute, has published its inaugural DQ Impact Report today, which summarizes the current state of online child safety and digital citizenship, based on a study that included 38,000 8-12 year olds across 29 countries. READ MORE


From Our Partner

Jason Breed

President and Co-Founder of Digital Futures Initiative

“The combination of DQ Institute and Digital Futures Initiative provides the progressive approach to curriculum that is needed to introduce students at this very important age in elementary school. DQ World teaches them the foundational elements of digital safety, citizenship and relationships. This allows us to advance to more candid lessons in middle school and high school with instructor-led teaching.”