DQ World

Empower Children with 8 Digital Citizenship Skills in 5 Days!


DQ World is a world leading online education platform to teach children ages 8-12 the 8 Digital Citizenship Skills. It empowers them to become informed and discerning digital citizens.

  • Internationally Recognised: By UNESCO, World Economic Forum, and OECD
  • Holistic: High-quality, research-backed, and comprehensive digital intelligence education
  • Easy-to-Use: Flip-learning pedagogy that is student-directed with minimal supervision
  • Play & Learn: Fun gamified learning for any child to self-learn DQ
  • Research-based Impact: Jointly developed with top institutions including Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, its educational efficacy has been tested and proven.


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Reduction of Risky Online Behaviour


Critical Thinking, Empathy & Global Citizenship Skills


5-Day Programme
Tested and Proven by
400,000 Children
The programme is flexible and fits into any educational curriculum in the classroom including after-school programmes and/or short holiday workshops.
Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Account Set-Up
  • What is the Digital World?
  • Screen Time Management 1
Day 2
  • Screen Time Management 2
  • Privacy Management
  • Cyber-bullying Management 1
Day 3
  • Cyber-bullying Management 2
  • Digital Citizen Identity
Day 4
  • Digital Footprint Management
  • Cyber Security Management
Day 5
  • Critical Thinking
  • Digital Empathy
  • Wrap Up Discussion


DQ Reports

World-First Assessment of Digital
Citizenship Based on Research

After completion of DQ World, educators and parents will receive a free Basic DQ School and Individual Reports.

The DQ Reports provides a comprehensive summary of children’s digital lives including digital competency, usage, exposure to cyber dangers, personal strengths, and their digital support environment as compared other schools and age groups in their nation. Students were assessed in the following areas:

DQ Skills

Assessment of the child’s mastery of the eight core digital citizenship competencies and improvement after completion of the DQ World online curriculum. National averages are included for comparison.

Personal Strengths

Assessment of the child’s personal strengths across the areas of global citizenship, social relationships, self efficacy, self regulation, emotional regulation and balance of offline and online reality.

Balanced Use of Technology and Media

Provides useful information on the child’s weekly screen time for entertainment, social media, etc.

Exposure to Cyber Risks

Indicates the child’s exposure to cyber risks including online strangers, game addiction, cyberbullying, cyber victimization, etc.

Guidance and Support

Indicates the degree of guidance and parental mediation the child feels he or she receives.

In addition, educators and parents can purchase an in-depth Premium DQ Reports.

DQ Basic Reports

Basic reports are available for individuals and schools free of charge.

The Basic DQ Individual Report gives a snapshot of the child’s DQ status according to the five main areas: DQ skills, personal strengths, balanced use of technology and media, exposure to cyber risks as well as guidance and support.

The Basic DQ School Report provides an overview of the school participants’ DQ scores in aggregate according to the five main areas. It also indicates how many percent of the participants are under high risk, moderate risk, low risk and safe.

DQ Premium Reports

Premium reports are available for purchase. Offering in-depth actionable insights and analytics, there are four types of reports:

DQ Individual Premium Report

The premium DQ Individual Report provides a comprehensive report of the child’s digital life with benchmarking. Some questions that the premium report anwers include:

  • What are my child’s DQ strengths and weaknesses; and how can I encourage improvement?
  • How balanced is my child’s use of media and technology; and how can I effectively mediate?
  • Which cyber risks is my child under high exposure to; and how can I intervene and protect?
DQ School Premium Report

The premium DQ School Report provides aggregate DQ scores of school participants, compared with national results; as well as in-depth analysis and recommendations according to the five main areas. There will also be an actionable plan for intervention for high-risk students.

“Outstanding work in promoting digital citizenship!”
-Ms. Irina Bokov
UNESCO Director-General
“An integrated multimedia play and learn experience.”
-The Lego Foundation
“The pupils definitely learnt useful cyber wellness tips from this program.”
-Ms Eugenia Greendale Primary School

World’s first DQ to measure digital knowledge, skills and behaviors

Award-winning programme

Awarded twice by UNESCO in 2012 & 2013

Proven to be scientifically effective

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Tried & tested on over 400,000 students worldwide

Any child can freely, easily self-learn through fun play & learn online experiences

Backed by robust research and constantly updated

Easily scalable! Can be implemented in any country

A holistic approach, nurturing identity & values