[Singapore, 28th Nov 2023] DQ Institute, an international think–tank, is proud to unveil “Powered by DQ”, a groundbreaking system designed to ensure digital literacy programs are of high quality and impactful. This system utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline the certification process for program creators, allowing for swift and systematic validation of their content, along with rapid measurement of its impact.

This certification system relies on DQ’s proprietary algorithm, which simplifies the entire process. At its core is the Global Standards Microcredentials (GSM), an interoperable codification system developed by DQ. The certification process undergoes thorough scrutiny by DQ’s research team, ensuring that the algorithm’s outputs are validated. This meticulous review adds a crucial layer of human expertise, guaranteeing the reliability of the algorithm.

DQ’s GSM codification system assists program creators in identifying the specific digital skills topics within the DQ Global Standards (DQGS) that participants will acquire. This information enables program creators to gain insights into how to improve particular areas, such as literacy, safety, job readiness, or wellbeing.

Benefiting from this tool is quite easy. Program creators simply need to submit their digital literacy program to the “Powered by DQ” system. This system can then certify the alignment of program content with the IEEE DQ Global Standards (3527.1TM), create mobile/web-based assessment tools connected to DQ Indices, and visualize the program’s impact through a real-time analytics dashboard. During the process, program creators receive a detailed DQ SEAL Report highlighting areas of alignment and improvement within days. They can then customize and distribute assessment tools to track and measure their program’s reach and effectiveness against global benchmarks.

Dr. Yuhyun Park, founder of the DQ Institute, said “In this era of generative AI, it is imperative that we empower developers of digital literacy programs to build initiatives that meet with the evolving demands of our time. With a myriad of programs out there, there is a pressing need for a more robust approach to quality control. We are delighted to introduce our AI-powered system to bridge the digital divide, believing this innovative solution will be transformative in supporting stakeholders in the digital skills ecosystem.

In 2019, DQ first introduced the DQ Global Standards (DQGS), a comprehensive framework of digital competencies, encompassing eight areas and three levels of digital intelligence. Today, the addition of a fourth level – Digital Connectivity has been announced. This expansion aims to facilitate inclusive digital transformations and bridge the global digital gap. The new level introduces eight additional competencies, bringing the total from 24 to 32. To support these competencies, the DQ Global Standards Microcredentials (DQ GSM) has been developed, which can be utilized across various programs. Whether it’s promoting digital literacy in educational institutions or enhancing digital skills in companies and organizations, DQ GSM caters to the diverse needs of different initiatives.

Further details are available in DQ’s recently launched whitepaper: https://www.dqinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/DQ-GSMWhitepaper.pdf

About DQ Institute:

The DQ Institute (DQI) is an international think-tank dedicated to setting global standards for digital intelligence and ensuring the safety, empowerment, and well-being of individuals, organizations, and nations in the digital age. DQ framework is recognized as the global standard for digital literacy, skills, and readiness (IEEE 3527.1-2020). DQI operates as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States and as a not-for-profit organization in Singapore. For more information, visit DQ Institute’s Website: https://dqinstitute.org

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