There are new activities for both kids and adults to explore.

The Lego Group, in collaboration with DQ Institute, has released a series of online activities, mini-games, and videos that were designed to teach parents and kids about good digital citizenship.

One of the major parts of this new program is “Doom the Gloom,” a set of online mini-games and interactive videos for kids that teach them about digital kindness, digital footprints, screen time management, and more.

As kids complete Doom the Gloom activities, they’ll receive digital accessories that they can use to customize their own Lego mini-figure.

In addition to these Doom the Gloom activities for kids, Lego has released a series of “Digitally Smart” resources for parents and families. The “Digitally Smart Guide” teaches parents about the digital citizenship topics that are featured in the Doom the Gloom activities, while the “Digitally Smart Explorer” offers a quiz for families that’s also related to the topics covered in Doom the Gloom.

Finally, two new “Build & Talk” activity packs have been released that are focused on screen time and recognizing false information online. These “Build & Talk” activities offer stories for parents to read to their kids, and as families read these stories, kids are encouraged to build specific things using the Lego bricks they already own.

You can view all of Lego’s Digital Safety resources on the Lego website.