The NUS Centre for Governance and Sustainability at the NUS Business School and DQ Institute are proud to announce their collaboration in the launch of TDFD x NUS. Taskforce on Digital-Related Financial Disclosures (TDFD) is an international consortium co-developed by the DQ Institute and Taejae Future Consensus Institute in Korea.

The partnership, forged in September 2023 with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), seeks to develop international standards and guidelines that will empower investors and capital market participants with crucial insights into companies’ digital-related risks and opportunities. This initiative is set to become a global beacon, seamlessly integrating sustainability within the digital economy.

Drawing inspiration from successful initiatives like TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) and TNFD (Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures), TDFD aims to guide corporations toward responsible investment and reporting in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). This endeavor will not only mitigate digital and AI-associated risks but also harness their immense potential.

This partnership between NUS and DQ Institute heralds a new era of responsible and sustainable digital finance, setting the stage for transformative change in the global economic landscape.