As the digital world grows further and beyond with each year passes by, the newer and younger generation has adapted to online access and contents that are available anywhere and anytime. Taking a step forward in teaching young audiences how to build an appropriate and decent etiquette, TikTok has launched the Family Safety Toolkit feature within its app.

TikTok Family Safety Toolkit

Made in conjunction with DQ Institute and JA WorldWide who are NGO specialists in digital literacy targeting youths, the toolkit is a comprehensive parenting guide to help families in educating online safety to children through a range of tools, resources, and policies. From a user’s standpoint, parents can follow the Top 10 Digital Parenting Tips and nurture the young ones and teenagers to become good digital citizens.

Aside from these, TikTok has previously introduced challenges such as #bettermebetterinternet and #thinkb4youdo alongside features like Family Pairing, Youth Portal, and more. As more young people adopting the platform, the company is making sure that the Internet isn’t just about fun and games but instead, an actual place that works just like a real society.

If you are interested in this, you can find it within the TikTok app as it has already been launched for Malaysia alongside other APAC countries.

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