May 24, 2018

Why It's Important to Empower Children with Discernment and Critical Thinking Skills

The targeted dissemination of misinformation, fake news, and online defamation are having an unprecedented impact on public psychology – especially on that of children, according to a panel discussion at the WEF Latin America summit.

At the summit, DQ Institute founder and CEO, Dr. Yuhyun Park expounded upon how swiftly fake news can impact people’s perception and worldviews. Citing a recent Twitter study that found fake news spreads more widely and rapidly than actual news, as well as a 2016 Stanford University study that found children cannot effectively distinguish news from political advertisements, she expressed concern that children’s worldviews – and budding political understanding – may be increasingly manipulated in the digital era.

“What we have to do is a really fast intervention on the education side to ensure children are equipped with the right discernment and critical thinking skills – based on the values,” concluded Dr. Park.

The session was convened as part of the System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society. Mr. Esteban Bullrich, Senator from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ms. Maria Cristina Frias, Member of the Board and Columnist, Folha de São Paulo, Brazil; and Mr. Leandro Machado, Co-Founder, and Partner, CAUSE, Brazil shared their perspectives before a crowd of Young Global Leaders at the vibrant session.

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