Adopt, Align, and Co-Create
DQ Global Standards for Digital Literacy, Skills, and Readiness

Are you working on Digital Literacy, Digital Skills, or Digital Readiness?

Be Part of the Global Co-Creator Community of the DQ Global Standards to bridge the digital skills gap around the world together.

With the official launch on the inaugural DQ Day, 10 October 2019, we invite organizations across sectors around the world to be part of the DQ Co-Creator Community. Together, we can efficiently coordinate international efforts on building digital competency and measure our progress effectively.

Join Us as a:

DQ Co-Creator
For organizations that provide:
  • education and training
  • assessment
  • research
  • gaming
  • other media or technology
  • any innovation
related to digital literacy, skills, or readiness
DQ Seal Champion
For those interested to help build the DQ Co-Creator community


The DQ Co-Creator Seal endorses programs on digital literacy, skills and readiness (e.g. products, services, resources, and/or tools) that are aligned with one or more of the 24 digital competencies in the DQ Global Standards.

Benefits of DQ Co-Creator Seal recipients:

  • Recognized as Co-Creators of the DQ Global Standards: Your programs are endorsed to be aligned with the DQ Global Standards. Your best practices and impact will be featured in the DQ Global Standards Annual Report.
  • Enhance the quality of your programs: We will provide an objective evaluation of your programs’ strengths and areas for improvement based on global benchmarks that enable your programs to reach new heights.
  • Connect to a high-quality network: You will be part of a global community of leading experts and players in the digital intelligence field. You will also be invited to DQ Institute’s member-only events that feature opportunities for collaboration.

As the digital world continues to evolve, the DQ Institute is dedicated to refining the DQ Global Standards to meet the latest needs and challenges. The participation of and ongoing feedback from members of the DQ Co-Creator community will be an important part of this refinement process together with input from our international committee of dedicated experts.

3 Steps to be a DQ Co-Creator

Step 1:

Online Application

The DQ Adopter Mark is awarded when an organization completes the application process for the DQ Co-Creator Seal. It represents the organization’s dedication to the alignment with the DQ Global Standards and indicates that they are in the process of seeking the DQ Co-Creator accreditation.

Step 2:


Alignment to the
DQ Global Standards

DQ Institute’s panel of evaluators will assess the application to ascertain the program’s alignment to the DQ Global Standards. The DQ Co-Creator Seal Report on the program will be prepared.

Step 3:


When due diligence on your application has been completed and upon the approval of your application, we will contact you for the payment of the cost of the DQ Co-Creator Seal (USD$5,000). The DQ Co-Creator Seal and the DQ Co-Creator Seal Report will be sent to you once the payment has been received.

Be a DQ Seal

DQ Seal Champions are world leading organizations who spur the growth of the DQ Co-Creator Community by supporting Edtechs, NGOs and startups in their efforts to align with the DQ Global Standards through sponsorship and knowledge sharing.

As a DQ Seal Champion, you benefit from:

  • Strategic Positioning: Your organization will be publicly recognized for efforts in growing a global community of NGOs, Ed-techs and/or start-ups in the digital intelligence field.
  • Showcase of Expertise: Your organization can define the strategic focus of your support and lead in this chosen field of expertise.
  • Access to a Networking Platform: Your organization can access players in the global digital intelligence community and stay ahead of latest trends.

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