Who We Are

DQ InstituteTM is an international think tank committed to improving digital education, culture, and innovation through cross-sector collaborations, global dialogue and big data research.


Our mission is to ensure every child acquires the technical, social, and mental skills they need to be informed and discerning users of digital media and good digital citizens.


  • To ensure every child has safe and secure access to the digital media and technology
  • To set the framework & global standards for digital citizenship education.
  • To provide nations with a comprehensive digital citizenship education solution that can be incorporated into public education systems.
  • To develop an alliance of public and private stakeholders invested in the creation of a safe and secure digital ecosystem for young users.

    Through our #DQEveryChild movement, we aim to empower 1 billion children with DQ by the year 2030.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to empower all individuals, families, organizations, and countries to harness digital media and technology and maximize positive outcomes while preventing and mitigating risks. We see a digital future where people are free, healthy and safe.

    The Institute supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

    Our Strategy


    the framework and establish global standards of digital intelligence (DQ™) for all ages.

    Data-DrivenWe believe in objective measures of performance. #DQEveryChild facilitates on-going data collection to both refine DQ WorldTM as well as to identify areas and trends for further academic and public attention. The data is also used to provide assessment to ensure that lessons are effective and that each child is meeting DQ standards.

    Forward-Looking — We will continue to conduct high-level research to understand upcoming technologies and trends to equip children and adults with the necessary cognitive, emotional and social skills to face the challenges and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

    comprehensive, engaging and relevant DQ solutions.

    Values-Focused — We believe that while technology may change, values are enduring. To foster healthy, ethical and confident behaviour online, lessons must be rooted in basic human values such as wisdom, respect, integrity, resilience, self-control, courage and empathy. Whether online or off, we need to understand that the Golden Rule still applies: “treat others as you want to be treated”.

    Inclusive — Every child, regardless of where he or she lives, should have access to the digital citizenship education that will support his or her development and future success. Currently the access to digital education is not evenly distributed. We believe that as part of their basic right to education, every child should have the opportunity to learn the skills to leverage and master digital media to facilitate their own personal growth and the development of their communities and nation. In the next phase, we are also going to extend DQ to adults and the elderly.

    a coalition of public and private stakeholders to engender a safe and productive digital ecosystem.

    Ecosystem Approach — It takes a village raise a child. Education is not just the school’s responsibility; it is everyone’s. Besides educators, families, the Government, companies and everyone have a part in building a safe and secure digital education ecosystem with sound policies, programs and tools.

    -Ms Irina Bokova
    UNESCO Director-General
    “ DQInstitute does outstanding work in promoting digital citizenship for children and parents!”
    “Technology helps to connect people but it also exposes them to online perils such as inappropriate content, gaming addiction and cyber bullying. This is becoming more prevalent with young children, hence, it is important to educate them early. Singtel believes in the education and promotion of responsible digital citizenship.”
    Singtel Vice President of Group Corporate Social Responsibility
    -Mr Andrew Buay
    “I am proud to announce that Argentina will introduce #DQEveryChildren to our children to raise their DQ (Digital intelligence quotient). I am very pleased that Argentina is pioneering this education programme in the Spanish speaking world. Our children will benefit from this UNESCO award winning programme to improve their personal strengths in the discerned use of the internet.”
    -Mr Esteban Bullrich
    Former Argentina's Minister of Education
    “With the theme of this year’s GESF being global citizenship, it’s fitting that the launch of #DQEveryChild is taking place at the forum. Not only does increasing a child’s DQ score reducethe risks associated with digital technology, but it also maximizes personal strengths such as higher empathy and global citizenship, and raises their academic performance and future opportunity.”
    -Mr Vikas Pota
    Chief Executive of the Varkey Foundation
    - Claudio Cocorocchia
    “We are delighted to be working with the DQ Institute and supporting their objective of increased global impact. Our recent research has shown that the world needs higher levels of digital intelligence, which would benefit both the private and public sector, but more importantly society as a whole.”

    Head, The Future of Information and Entertainment

    “DQ World is a quality curriculum packed with fun-filled activities for children to learn digital citizenship skills. Through this program, we impart values and build the character of our children so that they can be equipped for safer use of technology.”
    -Mr James Tan
    Chief Executive Officer of TOUCH Community Services

    Our DQ Coalition

    #DQEveryChild can only be realized with the invaluable support from future-oriented and community-spirited partners.

    The DQ Institute is a public-private-civic-academic coalition in association with the World Economic Forum that aims to bring quality digital intelligence education to every child. The coalition provides evidence-based solutions and data-driven policy recommendations to help individual nations build ethical digital ecosystems through multi-stakeholder collaboration.

    Pioneering Partners


    Our Team

    • The Team
    • Advisory Board

    World Economic Forum Global Young Leader.  Ashoka Fellow.  Eisenhower Fellow.  Recipient of numerous honors, including two awards from UNESCO. Doctorate in Biostatistics, Harvard University.

    The Digital Quotient (DQ) Institute was started by Dr. Yuhyun Park, who was inspired to create a brighter digital world for children worldwide. For Yuhyun, the goal was personal as she is the proud mother of two wonderful children, Isaac and Kate, who are growing up in this fast-evolving digital landscape.

    From her early days as a digital media consultant, Yuhyun saw the growing impact of digital technologies and recognized the critical educational gap that existed in preparing children to successfully navigate the digital world.

    After Isaac was born, she recognized the acute need to make a difference and left the consulting world to start a nonprofit organization called infollutionZERO, popularizing the term “infollution” that means information pollution and refers to the cyber-risks which we face in the digital world.

    Yuhyun and her team created the iZ HERO program, which was the world’s first interactive educational platform to teach kids about digital citizenship. It provides a holistic, values-based approach to help kids discern cyber-risks and responsibly use digital technologies.

    The iZ HERO program achieved breakout success in Singapore – one of the world’s top ranked educational systems – where more than 90% of 9-12 year old students have participated in the program, and has since gone global. As a result, the program was recognized by two international UNESCO prizes for educational innovation and has catalyzed a new global education movement that is supported by the World Economic Forum and Ashoka.

    Building on these efforts, Yuhyun and her team have pioneered the DQ concept, which stands for the digital intelligence quotient and refers to a set of comprehensive skills that empower children to become responsible digital citizens. DQ is teachable and the latest version of iZ HERO called DQ World has successfully helped raise children’s DQ levels. The DQ platform forms the core of the #DQEveryChild initiative, which aims to reach 20 million 9-12 year old children worldwide by 2020.

    Davis Vu is a Creative Director who graduated from California Institute of Arts in Character Animation. He also lectures at Nanyang Technological University the modules: Storyboarding, Drawn Animation, and Foundation Drawing. His production portfolio includes Warner Bros.’ “Yogi Bear”, Imagi’s “Gatchaman”, Nickelodeon/Wayforward’s “Spongebob Squigglypants”, Tiny Island’s “Dream Defenders”, and more.  Davis’ animated short films have been selected as one of the top films at the 2009 International Festival of Cinema and Technology and 2009 CalARTs’ Producer’s Show.

    Dr. Douglas Gentile is an award-winning research scientist, educators,author, and is an associate professor of developmental psychology at Iowa State University. He conducts scientific research on the effects of media on children and adults, including studies on the positive and negative effects of video games on children, the validity of media ratings systems, how screen time contributes to youth obesity, cyberbullying, and video game and Internet “addiction.” He is the editor of the book Media Violence and Children: A Complete Guide for Parents and Professionals (2nd Ed, 2014; 1st Ed, 2003, Praeger Press), and co-author of the book Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents: Theory, Research, and Public Policy (2007, Oxford University Press). In 2010, he was honored with the Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Media Psychology Award from the American Psychological Association (Division 46). He was named one of the Top 300 Professors in the United States by the Princeton Review.His work is regularly reported on CNN, the BBC, Good Morning America, The Today Show, as well as the New York Times, Washington Post, the Straits Times, and hundreds of other newspapers and television stations internationally. He is the creator and host of the radio show The Science of Parenting, the comedy music radio show The Tom and Doug Show, and is the voice of Master Naam in DQ HERO.

    As the Principle Investigator of the four-year longitudinal research on children’s Cyber Wellness in Singapore, Angie is a world-renowned expert on cyberwellness. She served as one of co-founders of PAGI (Parent Advisory Group for the Internet), which was the one of the frontier groups that discussed about parenting in the internet age. Trained as a psychologist, she is also an avid video game player, and these experiences help her to understand the effect of video games on children not only as a researcher but also as a peer user. She has served as an educational advisor to the iZ HERO Project since 2012.

    Jaywon Lee

    Yun Jang is an associate professor at Sejong University in Computer Engineering, Seoul, South Korea. He received the bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Seoul National University, South Korea in 2000, and the master’s and doctoral degree in electrical and computer engineering from Purdue University in 2002 and 2007, respectively. He was a postdoctoral researcher at CSCS and ETH Zurich, Switzerland from 2007 to 2011. His research interests include interactive visualization, visual analytics, and data representations.

    Dr. Sangwook Kang
    Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Statistics, Yonsei University, Korea

    Dong-Joon Cho is a Learning Development Director who earned his Ed.D (Doctor of Education) in learning leadership, M.S in Nonprofit Leadership program at University of Pennsylvania, MBA in marketing at Seoul National University, and B.S  in Statistics at the University of Minnesota.

    He is a founding member of InfollutionZERO and helped Dr. Park in Korea focusing on raising public awareness of infollution providing a digital citizenship education initiatives.

    Sue’s career has been in the world of communications building the business of global billion brands.  She believes there is a great deal of untapped potential in society which can be unlocked through business acting as a tool for social + economic good to create solutions with deep and enduring impact.  Sue is also a true global citizen – born and bred  in Australia and first started traisping the world at the age of 19 and only fleetingly popping home.

    Dr. Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen is an Associate Professor at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Dr. Chen’s research interests include socio-cultural impact of new communication technologies, digital gaming experiences, and human computer interaction. She has been awarded a total of approximately US$ 4 million of external research funding. Dr. Chen has published extensively in well-known journals such as Computers in Human Behavior, New Media & Society, and highly reputable conference proceedings such as ACM CHI and SIGGRAPH. She is on the editorial board for Journal of Child Computer Interaction and the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication.

    Dr Talitha Kingsmill is an educator and solicitor with a background in educational leadership, law, research, consultancy and project management. Talitha has extensive senior leadership experience in secondary schools, and combines this with comprehensive knowledge of leading networked learning communities.

    Albert K. Liau
    Associate Professor (Educational Assessment & Education Studies), University of Otago

    He has a great interest in information technology and is fascinated by the wide range of possibilities that web and mobile technologies can bring. He is constantly exploring on new computer technologies to expand his knowledge and improve on his quality of work.

    Jonathan New is the Founding Partner at ZAO LAB. He is deeply passionate about the computer technologies for over 20 years and is a polyglot in computer languages. He is knowledgeable about the emerging trends powering cloud & connected devices and he is the front-end developer of DQWorld.net.

    Wonjae Kim is a developer who earned B.S in computer engineering at the Hongik University.

    Hyejin Park is the Admin & HR Manager of DQ Institute. She has a Master’s degree and finished the coursework for PhD program in Computer Science and Engineering from Ewha Womans University. She has been working in DQ team since 2013.

    She is a full-time faculty member and practicing Psychologist, with the Psychological Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University.  She is the leader of the team which created and runs the iZ Master Cyber Counselling Service, within the iZ HERO Challenge portal.  She has had over 10 years of clinical experience with school, clinical and corporate clients.  Her main research area is in counselling processes and andragogy.

    Always pushing boundaries, always working hard. Passion and positivity are two things Ruth lives by. Ruth is a well-rounded communication professional and graduated from NTU WKWSCI with a Master of Mass Communication degree. After working as a digital marketer in financial technology industry for 3 years, Ruth has decided to devote herself in education technology sector. She firmly believes DQ Institute would equip younger generation with critical digital citizenship skills for the future, as well as pave the way for a healthiersafer and more prosperous digital economy, for all.

    Yumi is the graphic designer for DQWorld.net and DQ Institute and helps out on development of sites and collateral.

    Min Gyu is a researcher working with DQ Institute to help visualize student reports and data.

    Jeffrey Rokkum, received his MA in clinical psychology in summer of 2014 and is currently in his third year at Iowa State University obtaining a PhD in Human Computer Interaction and Social Psychology. Mr. Rokkum holds a special interest in the study of multitasking, safe media use, and big data. When he isn’t attached to his various technologies (or attempting to acquire more technologies), he spends time outside hiking or photographing the wilderness.

    Olivier Gergele is a Senior Principal with A.T. Kearney with +18 years of management consulting and industry experience on various key aspects of the consumer goods industry and retail, covering growth strategy, innovation, digital,  e-commerce, large scale cost transformation, R&D and procurement.

    Deep knowledge of both developed and developing markets; lived and worked in Asia, Europe and South America. Graduated from the Warwick MBA.

    Olivier is based in A.T. Kearney’s Singapore office.

    Daniel Dongjoon Oh is the legal advisor of DQ Institute. As a New York and New Jersey licensed attorney who earned his J.D. at Michigan State University, College of Law, he has extensively advised a number of Korean and foreign companies in a broad range of cross-border transactions. Mr. Oh’s clients include major banks, financial investment companies and general corporations.

    Carol Loi
    Certified DQ Ambassador, Founder of Village Counsultancy Ptd Ltd

    Masami Ishiyama is an undergraduate student majoring business at Keio University. After reaching out to the DQ Institute and offering to bring #DQEverychild to Japan, he became the first Certified DQ Ambassador in Japan. In February of 2018, he began the current position as a Researcher. He is also working at Microsoft Japan as an Intern.

    Brent C. Harris
    Director and California Office Lead of Redstone 
    Cristobal Cobo
    Director, Center for Research - Ceibal Foundation
    Jodi Halpern MD, PhD
    Professor of Bioethics, Joint Medical Program and School of Public Health
    Jacob Hsu
    CEO of Catalyte (www.catalyte.io), Silicon Valley based executive, advisor and entrepreneur
    Dr. Connie K. Chung
    A veteran educator with over 20 years of experience in practice, research, and policy.
    Leon Toh
    Esteban Bullrich
    Adam Wong
    Vice President, JP Morgan
    Ami Dror
    Founder & CEO of LeapLearner, Co-founder of Zaitoun Ventures
    Claudio Cocorocchia
    Head, The Future of Information and Entertainment
    Dee Poon
    Chief Brand Officer, PYE, China
    Eric Jamieson
    Senior Advisor, Schools Plus
    Ikseon Choi
    Professor, University of Georgia
    Irina Anghel-Enescu
    National Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Romania
    Lu Tian
    Associate Professor, Stanford University
    Mark Cheng
    Founder, JobStreet, Malaysia
    Marsali Hancock
    GIIC Commissioner
    Mariéme Jamme
    Founder of #iamtheCODE, African Girls’ Education Initiative
    Mei Lin Fung
    Co-founder, People Centre Internet
    Michael Rich
    Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
    Ming Chih Kao
    Associate Professor, Stanford Medical School
    Nam-Joon Cho
    Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering, NTU
    Naveen Menon
    President (ASEAN), Cisco Systems
    Ross Hall
    Head of Education, Ashoka Foundation, UK
    Sangeet Bhullar
    CEO, WiseKids
    Shinae Kim-Helms
    Attorney at Intellectual Property Law Group LLP in San Jose, California.
    Tshering Lama
    CEO, Idea Studio Nepal
    Urs Hauenstein
    Visiting Professor, Goodwill Ambassador & President, International Council ICLGEM, Switzerland
    Vishal Talreja
    CEO, Dream a Dream, India
    Vikas Pota
    CEO, Varkey Foundation
    William Saito
    Senior Advisor – Cyber Security to Prime Minister, Japan

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