September 26, 2018

DQ Test Study Toolkit

The DQ Test Study Toolkit contains everything a school needs to take part in the multi-national DQ Test Study

Why Participate?

We represent a team of researchers from the DQ Institute and would like to invite your school to participate in the Global DQ Index Study conducted by the DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

DQ Digital Citizenship is the ability to use digital technology and media in safe, responsible, and effective ways. As part of equipping children with the knowledge, skills, attitude and values to navigate our digital world, we are extending an invitation for your school to participate in our free DQ Test: an assessment for ages 8-18 that has been developed to provide a snapshot of the digital citizenship of its participants – enabling us to understand the various aspects of digital use amongst individuals around the world. The DQ Test was developed by DQ Institute and other prestigious universities including Nanyang Technological University, Yonsei University, Sejong University, and Iowa State University.

Schools can easily take part in the DQ Test. It includes:

  1. 30-Minute Online Test
  2. DQ Score Cards
  3. An optional 15-minute lesson that introduces the 8 must-have digital citizenship skills

How to Start

Step 1: Parental Consent

Distribute the parental consent form before students participate.  This explains the reasons for conducting the DQ Test and allows parents to opt-out if needed.

Step 2: Take the Test

Register your school at and have your students take the Test!

Details of what students will do, confidentiality, and information about the institutions that are running the study can be found in the cover letter. We also have an educator’s guide to walking you through the test step-by-step.

We also provide a DQ Test Package that includes:

  1. Cover letter – to explain what the test and study is about to educators
  2. Educator guide – to help educators administer the DQ Test to their students.
  3. Parental Consent – to explain to parents what their child will be doing with the test and provides an opt-out form in case parents do not wish their child to take part in the study
Download DQ Test Package (DQ Test Questions (PDF), Cover Letter, Educator Guide, Parental Consent)
English (UK) Download DQ Test Package
Simplified Chinese Download DQ Test Package
Spanish Download DQ Test Package
Arabic Download DQ Test Package
Tagalog Download DQ Test Package
Vietnamese Download DQ Test Package
Indonesian Download DQ Test Package
Malay Download DQ Test Package

Step 3: Get a Free DQ School Score Card

Schools who complete will then receive a free DQ School Score Card reflecting results from the DQ Test. This Score Card:

  • Defines each competency and lists the knowledge and skills tested for
  • Gives actionable recommendations for teachers to take to support and develop your students’ DQ
  • Identifies your students’ exposure to cyber-risk
  • Compares school scores against national and global averages

What Your Students’ DQ Score Means

The DQ Test has been designed to capture an overview of your knowledge and skills across all 8 Citizenship Competencies: Screen Time Management, Privacy Management, Cyberbullying Management, Digital Citizen Identity, Digital Footprint Management, Cyber Security Management, Critical Thinking, and Digital Empathy. Your DQ Citizenship Score measures your performance in the Test and is meant to be used as a starting point for further conversations on your digital skills and habits.

Data privacy and protection

We assure you that all information will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, as evidenced by our study’s approval by the NTU Institutional Review Board in Singapore. Please refer to our Terms of Use and  Privacy Policy to find out more.


If you represent a school and would like to participate in this Study, please contact us at

We also welcome businesses and organizations interested in partnering with DQ Institute to support translation and outreach efforts in your country.