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October 19, 2021
Fusion 3 is a disruption meeting, involving active participation, collaboration, and experiential learning. hosted by Fusion Cities, places where there is a clear link between education, businesses, and the cultural and creative sector.
October 07, 2021
There are new activities for both kids and adults to explore. The Lego Group, in collaboration with DQ Institute, has released a series of online activities, mini-games, and videos that were designed to teach parents and kids about good digital citizenship. One of the major parts....
October 06, 2021
The LEGO Group has launched a new programme of fun, interactive guides, games and play activities designed to help parents raise digitally smart families. At a time when we are online more than ever, the new experiences explore and promote a better understanding of key digital ci....
October 06, 2021
The LEGO Group has launched a new programme of fun interactive guides, games and play activities designed to help parents raise digitally smart families.   At a time when we are spending more time online than ever before, the new experiences explore and promote....
October 06, 2021
With digital engagement among kids at an all-time high, the LEGO Group has launched a new set of videos, games and guides to teach families how to be safer online. Created for kids ages six to 10 in partnership with child online safety think tank DQ Institute, these resources foc....
September 30, 2021
Nearpod, Newsela, Pear Deck, Google, and BrainPOP are among the companies that are backing resources to promote responsible tech use among students.