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August 08, 2021
Dunia digital saat ini menjadi bagian yang penting dalam kehidupan masyarakat, terlebih di masa pandemi. Sebagian besar masyarakat sudah menjadi warga digital termasuk anak-anak kita. Mereka belajar, bermain dan berkarya menggunakan media digital. Namun apakah anak-anak kita suda....
August 04, 2021
Michelle Martin and Dr Yuhyun Park, Author of IQ EQ and DQ: New Intelligence in the AI Age discuss the Digital Intelligence framework, tracking children’s online safety and adapting to the cyber pandemic.
July 11, 2021
SINGAPORE – Mrs Yvonne Kong-Ho calls herself a “low-tech, high-touch” parent. Her son, Gabriel Ho, 12, has a basic phone which he uses to call and text her when he is in school, while daughter Natalie, 10, has no devices.
March 17, 2021
In our world today, we’re in a digital age; and we as parents and society need to raise children with digital empathy skills. The digital citizens of today are suffering from exposure to a lot of things online; such as social media, information, games, and so on; that is both g....
March 17, 2021
株式会社サイバーフェリックス(以下、サイバーフェリックス) は、国際シンクタンクDQ Instituteとの連携の下、文部科学省が推進するGIGAスクール構想対応の新しい教育機関向けソリューションとして、日本語....
March 04, 2021
The pandemic has meant increased screen time for children. Nearly two-thirds of 8-12 year-olds have been exposed to one or more forms of cyber risk, according to one recent study. Lego has teamed up with a think-tank to develop an online game to teach kids empathy. The World Ec....